In the future, sports wont be played by elite athletes. Instead, we'll watch grotesque mutants vs. dangerous heavy machinery.

It's a tower defense game so play accordingly:
- Just like current day football, you must stop the rival team from getting to the touchdown line.
- You have 4 different turrets available to you: Shotgun, Goop, Flame & Punt.
- You can upgrade or sell turrets. Upgrading costs the amount of the tower and doubles it's power. Selling only returns x0.8 of the cost. 
- Just like in current day football, there are 12 quarters to a game, and 12 downs per quarter.
- Just like current day football, you have to survive as long as you can.

The American Dream™ realized.

Created expressly for #LOWREZJAM 2017.

Quick developer notes:
- Unfortunately I came in really late to the #LOWREZJAM and I have big dreams.
- Pathing is a mess and can be pretty unrpredictable at times. I would've liked to write my own solution but no time. 
-  I had to make a hard choice on the last night between extra towers and graphical polish, or sound effects and music. I chose towers and eyes. Would like to go back and add sounds if allowed.
- Also, haven't really had a chance to test at higher levels so hopefully nothings breaks!

Thanks for playing!

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GenreStrategy, Sports
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags8-Bit, Alternate History, Difficult, GameMaker, Lo-fi, Mouse only, Top-Down, Tower Defense

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